Who I Am

Hello and welcome to my blog! I’m Rebecca, and am 22 years old and a student at McGill University in Montreal, where I study Urban Systems and Psychology. I’m living in Boston this summer, in part to be a Food Warrior for Real Time Farms! Real Time Farms is an amazing online user-generated food guide that strives to document the North American food system and connect people to their local farmers’ markets, farms, artisans, eateries, fishing ports, and beyond. I’ll be exploring these aspects of Boston and writing about them on here! During the school year, I also write for Leacock’s Online Magazine as a Food Writer, am working on the development of a sustainable café at McGill, and volunteer for Santropol Roulant and Ten Thousand Villages, which are both amazing places! In the future I hope to continue writing about things that matter to me. I hope you’ll continue reading my blog as I travel around Boston this summer and share my adventures here! Please feel free to contact me at rebecca.rosenthal.rr@gmail.com, or check out my Twitter and Linkedin accounts!

Many thanks,
Rebecca Michelle Rosenthal


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