taking a bagel break with a friend!


Hello readers! Thanks for visiting my new blog, where I’ll be blogging and vlogging in Boston as a Food Warrior for the Real Time Farms website this summer!
I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of such a great project. Never have I felt so strongly about the potential role that technology can play in our lives as I do with this website; a role that can provide us with tools to use every day and enhance so many of our experiences. As an Urban Systems major at McGill University, I’ve developed quite an interest in food systems throughout the past four years. From nutrition to urban agriculture to fish populations to learning about the retail side of things, I can’t help but see constant connections; everything as having an impact on everything else. Now I look to this summer as a time to amalgamate my appreciation for technology with my interest in food.

Whether we want to admit it or not, no one ever gets to slow down time. Change is our world’s only constant, and at times it may grow difficult for us to maintain a healthy pace, workload, or schedule. Too much of this fast-forwarded living can burn us out, and while we can’t slow down time, we can remember to appreciate the moments as they come, from a dinner with family to a walk home from work on a sunny day. There’s also something we can slow down: food. So when we stop and think about what choices we’re making in this area – about where our food comes from, how we choose to spend our time, and choose to treat our bodies, other people, and our environments – it becomes clear that we simply must take the time to think about how our actions and behaviors impact the food system on all scales, from local to global.

taking a bagel break with friends!

This summer I will try grow more conscious of how I spend my time so that I can work on slowing down the pace at which I typically live, and be more present in each moment. For me, this means working on my patience. When I see how much work goes into each stand at a Farmers’ market, or how long it takes one cherry tomato to grow, yet how rewarding these processes inherently are, I am inspired to savor each moment in my own life as it happens; I am inspired to live in real time.

I also want to live as locally as possible. It may be cliché by now to use the notion of living locally and thinking globally, but it is as true as ever. I know that the discoveries I make in Boston – the lessons I learn here – will come with me to wherever I go next. Not only that, but I know that being able to read about peoples’ individual experiences through blogs like this one make it possible for local lessons to help add to the knowledge needed for us to achieve global goals. We may all live in different places and learn in different ways, but our goals as a society are not that different; people worldwide share in wanting to live in good health, with good food and good company. Lessons on how people have taken these aspirations and turned them into owning a farm, a fishing boat or an artisanal business don’t apply only to Boston, or only to North America for that matter.

I hope you will join me in my discoveries this summer, as I venture around my new city and many surrounding areas to learn about and visit farms, food artisans, fishing docks, and farmers’ markets and meet the amazing people behind these places. I have a feeling the next few months are going to be delicious.

Wishing you peace in your mind and peas in your belly,
Rebecca Michelle Rosenthal

Boston, MA

Summer 2012 Food Warrior


2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Thank you for the inspiration to live in real time! There is something truly magical about living in the moment, life itself passes by in a hurry. This is a time for appreciation. Looking forward to learning more through your adventures. I know you will enjoy every detail. Have fun.
    LOVE, Diane

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