Intern Interview!: Rebecca Bilodeau

Image“Food to me exists at the intersection of a lot of different things that are important  – cultures, stories, relationships between people, between nature – it’s so rich and exciting and there’s such a web”, Rebecca Bilodeau answers as I ask how she became interested in Real Time Farms.

“’Transparency’ isn’t a word I would’ve thought to use for my interests until starting this internship, though now that I think of it, it’s really an important word”.

A Boston native, Rebecca went to Boston Latin School before attending Wesleyan University and working on a farm in North Carolina. During her interlude away from Beantown, she also studied abroad through an International Honors Program called “Rethinking Globalization”, where she traveled for eight months through Tanzania, India, New Zealand and Mexico. She got to visit farms in each country, which was very eye opening: “it was wonderful to feel how different a lot of food production and preparation was, and also how important it was in all of these different places. I began to focus in on it.”

Now that Rebecca is back, she’s focusing on the local food systems surrounding her hometown. “I’m happy to be learning how to ask better questions through this internship, questions that honor these people and their farms that I’m visiting”, she says of her Food Warrior experience thus far. As well as interning this summer, she’s working at Petsi Pies in Somerville, and on the development of a food co-op in her Dorchester neighborhood.


Besides sharing our first name, Rebecca and I both get giddy talking about our mutual love of fermentation. “I made a really good batch of sour kraut the other day! And I just acquired a kombucha momma!” she says as I nearly squeal with excitement. From there the conversation continues to how to make the perfect quinoa salad and where our favorite wines are from. Clearly we have both found the right internship for our interests, and mutual beams are exchanged. As we keep talking and discuss being in Boston for the summer (mainly me – new to the city – picking her brain, which is full of many good biking tips and restaurant recommendations), Rebecca puts it perfectly when she says, “I think what I’m most excited about with this internship are the opportunities it allows for me to talk to people that I wouldn’t necessarily be able to seek out on my own without the structure of Real Time Farms.” And after getting to talk to her, I couldn’t agree more.

Rebecca Michelle Rosenthal

Boston, MA

Summer 2012 Food Warrior


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